Fawkner Bingo Centre is open 6 days and 7 nights a week. We are renowned for offering Melbourne's best prize money and value entertainment. As such, we will endeavour to keep this website up to date and accurate at all times. However if errors do occur, Fawkner Bingo reserves the right to make any changes to amend information advertised including but not limited to session times, prizes and specials.

See below for our weekly session times & prizes.

Saturday Night Special 21.05.22.jpg
Thursday Night Double Up 26.05.22.jpg
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"Undercover Bingo"

Played Monday Daytime

"Find The Joker"

Played Tuesday Daytime

UNDERCOVER BINGO 30 $1,300.jpg
07 Joker Ad $1,400.jpg
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03 Tuesday Day.jpg
02 Monday Night WILD.jpg
04 Tuesday Night.jpg
05 Wednesday Day.jpg
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07 Thursday Day.jpg
Thursday Night Double Up 26.05.22.jpg
09 Friday Day.jpg
10 Friday Night.jpg
11 Saturday Day.jpg
Saturday Night Special 21.05.22.jpg
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NEW Sunday Night.jpg